• CarbonSix Tailored Cocktails

    Ever hosted a dinner party and struggle to throw together some cocktails?

    Entertaining business clients and wish you had something more unique than wine? Thinking about a custom cocktail for your different events? Tailored cocktails will add a special element of excitement to your event in a truly personal and delicious manner.

    Let us create the drinks your guests will want to sip all night and talk about all the next day. Our drinks will welcome and entertain your guest thus leaving them in awe of the fabulous cocktail service. At CarbonSix we give you the flexibility to tailor make your own cocktails for yourself or your guest. So put on your creative hat and experiment with over 50 different ingredients to create over 10,000 different cocktail combinations!

    Alternatively, if creating your own cocktail recipe is too big of a mission, feel free to browse from our list of pre-selected recipe at the bottom of the page.

    Please contact us at info@carbonsix.co.nz should you wish to order more than 50 bottles.  

    Base Spirit

    Flavouring Syrup

    Fruits and botanicals

    *Choose up to 2 ingredients in this category.

    Finish / Mixers

    *Choose up to 2 ingredients in this category.

    Name your Cocktail

CarbonSix Tailored Cocktails | 1000ml – 10% ABV

    $29.99 inc.GST